BK Wines! They’re Back Baby! 2020 Release

BK Wines! They’re Back Baby! 2020 Release

November 01, 2022
A few times a year we are lucky enough to bring in the ever changing, ever creative BK Wines in the shop, and guess what? BK Wines is back, baby! The wait was long, but man was it worth it! This time around we have a handful of tried and true BK classics and 2 brand new, totally unique BK Wines to dig into this summer. If you aren’t familiar with BK Wines, it is a small winery run by husband and wife team, Brendon and Kristyn Keys. The winery was established in 2007 in Adelaide Hills after learning from masters in New Zealand, Argentina, and California. With an aim to create “wines focused on quality and creativity, not conformity,” Adelaide Hills was the perfect location for Brendon, to stretch his winemaking muscles, as it is a region that is comfortable with playfulness and experimentation. In their time learning about wine around the globe, Brendon and Kristyn learnt that meticulous attention to detail and maintaining a perfectly clean winery were the key components to crafting fabulous tasting wines with a low intervention philosophy. While initially relatively unknown, BK Wines has gained a huge following world wide and is recognized as a top natural wine producer in Australia. We have long been fans, and if you aren’t already, definitely give the wines this vintage a try! They just keep getting better.
BK Wines Carte Blanche 2020 - $34.40 While BK Wines is known for single vineyard wines that show the expression of that single plot of land, the Carte Blanche is an exception. This blended wine is a winemakers wine, showing the nuances of what can be created in the cellar, rather than focusing on the particularities of the vineyard. The Carte Blanche is composed of 4 different single-vineyard, barrel-fermented Chardonnays, 10% each of the Ovum Pinot Gris and Ovum Gruner Veltliner, and the teensiest splash of Savagnin. Aged on a high proportion of lees, this wine is textural and voluptuous with chalky minerality that is reminiscent of the autolytics you find in Champagne. The wine is intensely complex with flavours of lemon curd, toasted cedar, and sea salt. So. Dang. Good.
BK Wines Ripasso NV - $34.30 This wine is as unique as it is tasty. The base of this wine is a 2015 Syrah that had been hanging out in barrel. This Syrah was then revinified with 2 years worth of reserved lees and Pinot Noir skins from 2020. This unusual way of making wine kind of takes the concept of the Italian Ripasso and flips it around - rather than passing youthful wine over the more concentrated Amarone skins, this wine adds more youthful skins to an older wine. Oddly, despite the international varietals and Australian terroir, some Italian-esque charm shines through. The nose is highly aromatic with notes of punchy, wine-gum fruitiness and swaths of lavender. The tannins are supple and properly savoury. This wine is the ultimate bbq wine. Sauce up some grillables and get into it!
Bk Wines Ovum Pinot Gris 2020 - $34.14 The Bk Ovum Pinot Gris is always one that highlights the variation between vintages, and this year was no exception. This wine offers an intensely silky texture and a good amount of weight. With classic flavours such as yellow apple, ripe pear, and leesy creaminess, this Pinot Gris has ample heft. The name “Ovum '' refers to the egg shaped concrete fermenter this wine is made in, which aids in the development of a complex, concentrated wine. All this body might make you miss the pretty blossom notes you find on the nose, but we encourage you to give this wine the time it deserves; it will show you a lovely balance of floral fragrance and structural intensity.
BK Wines Ovum Gruner Veltliner 2020 - $31.80 This Gruner Veltliner, a classic Austrian variety, is an ode to the iconic Austrian producer, Knoll. This white wine is made in an interesting way. 50% of the grapes are whole-cluster fermented, a technique that is often associated with red wine production. 50% of the wine is fermented in old, large barriques. The wine then ages in an egg shaped concrete fermentor, which is the reason the wine is called “Ovum”. This wine is punctuated with unique flavours of fresh rose and white pepper. It has flavours of creamy nougat, yogurt, and zippy lemon curd. It is both pretty and powerful; simply delicious!
BK Wines Gower Pinot Noir 2020 - $42.47 When we think of the 2020 Gower Pinot Noir, we immediately think of restraint and class. In the the glass this wine is quite pale, but contains great complexity and concentration of flavour. In past vintages this wine, which is sourced from 100% Lenswood Pinot Noir, has contained more ripe fruit characteristics, while the 2020 vintage has retained freshness and elegance. It has heady aromas of violet and pine. On the palate it is savoury, with the classic undergrowth characteristics often associated with Burgundian Pinot Noirs. It is 100% whole bunch fermented, spending a month on the skins, before resting for 10 months in 25% new oak.
BK Wines Skin & Bones Pinot Noir 2020 - $34.14 This vintage of Skin & Bones Pinot Noir is killer. This is one of those wines when the list of tasting notes just goes on and on. With a classic backbone of delicate cherry and wild strawberry, it is overlaid with notes of aniseed, a dill brine, and the humid, mossy aroma of a rainforest. 2020 Skin & Bones is silky with notes of sweet spice, like nutmeg, and satisfying, with a subtly bitter finish. This is the perfect red wine to drink in your backyard - preferably at the close of a warm summer’s day when all of summer’s fragrances still hang out in the air. Whether you share it or hoard it, the Skin & Bones is one of our top picks this summer.

As always, BK Wines come in, blow our minds, then are quickly gone for the year, so please stock up while you can!


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