Unico Zelo Pastafarian Sangiovese

Unico Zelo Pastafarian Sangiovese

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This is a mix of old world classics and obscure new gems! For those that prefer a little spice in their wine, or a touch of funk in their glass, this is the section for you. Featuring a broad selection of classics such as Cotes-du-Rhone, Rioja and Barolo, to new wave natural wines and much more.

Natural Wine
Natural Wine
Natural wine is a movement that has gained notoriety around the world, focused on wines made from sustainably farmed grapes and without the wide array of additives, colouring, chemicals & more found in many mass-produced wines. Just grapes, yeast and little-to-no sulphur – that’s it! Real wine made by real people. We have one of the largest selections of natural wines in Alberta – check them out today.
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"Variety Change! Yup, we've flipped from this being 100% Nebbiolo to Sangiovese - a few reasons for this. 

1 - In 2022 we harvested 450kg of Nebbiolo from the Adelaide Hills vineyard that was at the core of this wine (more on that in a few years). In 2023 we harvested nothing. It's been a tough few years for this variety and this vineyard. 

2 - Sangiovese is a pretty good pasta variety hey? 

As much as we love Nebbiolo - and we really love Nebbiolo - the future is bright for Sangiovese and we've been working with this fruit for a few years now in Truffle Hound and have been really impressed with the quality, so 2022 was the year to give it a solo release. If the Truffle Hound blend was the Beatles, Nebbiolo would be John, Barbera would be Paul, and for me, Sangiovese is George. So you could say this is our ‘My Sweet Lord’. Apologies for the musical tangent." - Unico Zelo

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Natural Wine
South Australia
[VOLUME]750 ml
Adelaide Hills
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