Tapatio Tequila Anejo

Tapatio Tequila Anejo

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The Camarena family of distillers has been producing tequila for 3 generations at La Alteña distillery in the Highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco. La Alteña was founded by Don Felipe Camarena Hernández in July 7, 1937, and in 1940 began selling tequila 100% Blue agave with the brand name “Tapatío” – meaning a person from Jalisco. Distilled exclusively from agaves grown on Master Distiller Carlos Camarena's family estates, this tequila has been a cult favorite in Mexico for more than 75 years but is new to Canada. Uniquely, it is distilled to just above its final bottling proof, rather than being distilled to a higher proof and then diluted with water. It’s cooked for an astounding four days in brick ovens, fermented with cooked agave fiber with a yeast culture that dates back 82 years to the founding of the distillery, crushed using both tahona and mechanical roller, and is distilled in antique copper pot stills. One of the true legacies of the tequila world and an aficionado favourite.

"We age Tapatio Anejo for 18 months in American white oak barrels, previously used in ageing whisky. This beautiful tequila gives an intense straw yellow color, slightly amber with golden flashes. Medium-bodied. Aromas are of sweet cooked agave, crème Brulée, vanilla and caramel that give way to subtle aromas of cinnamon, red pepper and spices. On the pallet, sweet and spicy, with cooked Agave, cocoa and vanilla combined with pepper, walnut and some berries. Vegetal and woody notes. A soft, silky and very long finish with spices persisting in the back of the palate. A perfectly balanced tequila; is recommended neat or in the rocks to appreciate its complexity of flavors, but also mixes very well." - La Alteña distillery

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[VOLUME]750 ml
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