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Kujira Whisky 8 years is a creation of the historical distillery Shinzato Shuzo located in the south of Japan in the tropical archipelago of Okinawa formerly called kingdom of Ryukyu.

This single grain has the originality to be elaborated from 100% of long indica rice fermented with both yeasts like whisky, and a variety of black Koji, unique to the Okinawa islands, then distilled according to the ancestral manufacturing method inherited from awamori, the traditional spirit of the region.

Distilled, aged and bottled in Japan, Kujira Whisky is a blend of single grains aged for 8 years in Sherry and Bourbon casks under a subtropical climate whose influence is clearly expressed through a remarkably light, refreshing and balanced tasting profile.

On the nose, herbaceous, fruity (plum) and gourmand (mint) notes first reveal themselves, followed by the sweetness of vanilla aromas and the strength of spicy, woody and slightly smoky aromas. In the finish, it is the refreshing side of mint and Japanese pepper that accompanies the end of the tasting of Kujira Whisky 8 years.

Both whisky and awamori, single grain rice whiskies also called Ryukyu whiskies, represent an enriching blend of age-old know-how.

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