Cointreau (Cointreau S A)

Cointreau (Cointreau S A)

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"Created by Édouard Cointreau in 1885, it is a product of the House’s age-old savoir-faire, which has been passed down through generations of liquorists and distillers in the Cointreau family. This translates into what we call “the art of Cointreau,” or the sensorial dance that goes into making our signature orange liqueur, from orange peel selection to blending to distillation. Cointreau also implements a system of analyses at every stage of the process to ensure organoleptic excellence, from the selection of quality orange peels from around the globe to quality tests with a tasting committee of 40-50 people. there are many triple secs, but only one Cointreau l'unique." - Cointreau

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[VOLUME]750 ml
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