Claire Naudin Aligote Le Clou 34

Claire Naudin Aligote Le Clou 34

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Rich & Creamy
Natural Wine
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Claire Naudin comes from a very long line of winemakers. Her ancestors were tending vines in Burgundy as far back as the 1500’s. In her own words - “Many generations of winemakers have built our domain. One after the other, they knew how to work the vine and express the best of the fruit. Each new generation has been a source of renewal and dynamism, of questioning and new projects.” She took over management of the domaine from her father in 1999. As an advocate for sustainable farming, she completely rejects the use of chemicals and has been vocal about her objection to manipulative methods in the cellar. Although she farms organically, she has not sought out certification. 

This is how importer Erik Mercier describes the Le Clou 34 - "Her Aligoté, Le Clou 34, is also the stuff of lore. Inspired by some extravagantly old plots, she has taken Burgundy’s unloved white grape and guided it towards gossamer perfection. I first tasted this wine at Larry’s in Montreal several years ago and have been haunted ever since. It has the spectral beauty and regality of ancient mythical warrior queens. She seems to be the benevolent caretaker of fruit desperate to fulfil some higher purpose: Art perhaps, but at least sustenance for the body and soul."
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Rich & Creamy
Natural Wine
[VOLUME]750 ml
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