Cazottes Eau de Vie Apple

Cazottes Eau de Vie Apple

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Distillerie Cazottes is an organically farmed artisanal distillery located in Tarn in Occitanie. Laurent makes exceptional eau de vies for which he is well known. He also makes gorgeous wines from local grapes Mauzac, Braucol, Prunelart, and Duras. His wines, like the eau de vies, are farmed biodynamically and treated with great care. Just honest, well-made, and well-priced wines for everyday drinking.

"Laurent farms fifteen different species of apple in his biodynamic orchard, all of which end up in this bottling: De Graine, Reinette de Brive, Court Pendu Rouge, Reinette Gris du Canada, Api Etoile, Reinette du Mans, Canino del Clots, Reinette Cloucharde, Museau de Lievre, Haut de Liege, Reinette de Pons, Pomme d’Ile ou P.Rose, Chanteclerc, and Reine des Renettes. The apples undergo passerillage for maximum ripeness before being peeled, deseeded, crushed and fermented with indigenous yeasts. After a slow distillation obtaining only the hearts, the brandy is aged in small glass vessels for maturation. 45% ABV" - Juice Imports

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[VOLUME]500 ml
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