Cazottes 72 Tomates Liqueur

Cazottes 72 Tomates Liqueur

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Distillerie Cazottes is an organically farmed artisanal distillery located in Tarn in Occitanie. Laurent makes exceptional eau de vies for which he is well known. He also makes gorgeous wines from local grapes Mauzac, Braucol, Prunelart, and Duras. His wines, like the eau de vies, are farmed biodynamically and treated with great care. Just honest, well-made, and well-priced wines for everyday drinking.

"Laurent now has over 200 species of tomato growing in his biodynamic garden, including Golden Jubilee, Crimean Black, Bern Rose, Market Wonders, and Andean Horn. He picks each variety when it is optimally ripe, almost drying on the vine. He manually quarters each tomato and removes the stems. The tomatoes are then macerated in brandy made from Folle Noire. Once the flavours are maximally extracted, he racks off the juice and redistils the pressings. They are then blended back together and adjusted with Folle Noire juice. 18% ABV" - Juice Imports

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[VOLUME]500 ml
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