Willibald Seltzers: Summer Slammers

Willibald Seltzers: Summer Slammers

November 01, 2022

With the weather starting to warm up, as Calgarians we look to what we can do outside. Now that it’s comfortable to stay out there for more than a few minutes at a time (between spurts of rain, albeit), we plan our days around sitting by the river (even better if we can float down it), we schedule picnics in Riley Park, and look forward to bike rides around Weaslehead. We crave the lighter side of life, opting for crisp and thirst-quenching beverages. Hard Seltzers are the natural thing to reach for, with a variety of flavours and a low sugar content they make for the perfect treat on a glowing sunny day. Enter the Willibald Brewery and Distillery, from all the way out in Ayr, Ontario, these seltzers are the ideal treat to beat the heat. This season we welcome two exciting new Willibald seltzers hitting our shelves. First up is the Willibald Key Lime Seltzer that is the perfect mix of citrus and tiny touch of sweetness. This RTD gives off major ‘love at first sip’ vibes and would be the ideal way to kick off the warmer weather. The Willibald Purple Seltzer is the most aptly named drink on our shelves. On the first inhale it smells exactly like a purple popsicle, yet the taste is so fresh. For those who are nostalgic for days spent running through sprinklers in backyards, this drink will satisfy your inner child. Willbald Strawberry Rhubarb Seltzer hit Alberta late last summer and has remained a favourite for those who seek something on the lighter side. Bubbly with just a hint of that sweet fruity goodness, this seltzer tastes of strawberries straight from the garden. At $4.70 / can, you may as well try one of each! As picnic tables at our favourite public parks have opened to bookings for the open responsible consumption of alcohol, we’re faced with an almost overwhelming assemblage of choice for what to drink while we soak up the sun. We know that the Willibald Seltzers aren’t the only choice, but we’re pretty dang sure that they’re the most refreshing ones. Grab 'em all here or come visit us at either location.


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