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Located in Okanagan Falls, BC and family-owned by the Mavety family, Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars is celebrated as one of Canada's top wineries. They exclusively use grapes sourced from their own estate vineyard to produce consistently outstanding wines. Spanning 31 hectares, Blue Mountain crafts limited quantities of fine wines—Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay—echoing the traditions of France's Champagne, Burgundy, and Alsace. With a commitment to low yields and modern winemaking techniques rooted in tradition, Blue Mountain celebrates Canadian heritage by capturing the unique essence of the Okanagan Valley.


At Vine Arts, we're honoured to be among the select retailers offering these coveted wines.

Estate Cuvée Chardonnay 2022

This delightful Chardonnay is fermented with natural yeast in French oak barrels and aged for 14 months, resulting in aromas and flavours of mandarin orange, lemon, and stone fruits. Its rich texture is complemented by a pronounced minerality, offering bright fruit notes, layered citrus, peach, spice, and floral hints, culminating in a long, mineral-driven finish.

$36.24 +tax/deposit

Gamay 2022

Hand-harvested grapes underwent cold soaking and fermentation with indigenous yeasts on-site. After aging in neutral oak barrels for 12 months, the wine was further matured in bottle for an additional 6 months. This vintage showcases vibrant fruit flavours, highlighted by spiced black raspberry. Its juicy and fresh profile makes it perfect for immediate enjoyment, yet its structured style suggests even greater potential with further aging.

$36.24 +tax/deposit

Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Sauvignon Blanc grapes are delicately whole cluster pressed to preserve purity. This wine undergoes a brief aging on lees and partial fermentation in French oak, adding a creamy dimension. Expect a classic blend of melon, white peach, grapefruit, and citrus, accented by hints of chamomile tea. With its well-structured profile, this wine promises to age beautifully over 3-5 years.

$31.71 +tax/deposit

Pinot Gris 2022

Blue Mountain's Pinot Gris opens with a rich, captivating aroma that leads to a full-bodied palate. It bursts with flavours of green apple, spicy melon, and pear, harmoniously balanced by refreshing acidity and a delicate hint of orange blossom. This vintage is poised to age gracefully for 4-6 years, showcasing its complexity over time.

$31.71 +tax/deposit

Pinot Blanc 2022

The 2022 Pinot Blanc presents complex flavours of stone fruit, white peach, and apricots, complemented by floral undertones and a hint of minerality. It offers a full mouth-feel with rich apricot notes and a creamy finish. Balanced acidity ensures this wine will age beautifully over 3-5 years, evolving in complexity and texture.

$31.71 +tax/deposit

Gold Label Brut

The Brut "Gold Label" features a fine mousse and presents enticing aromas of lemon and toasty notes that carry through the palate, culminating in a crisp lemon finish. Crafted in the Methode Traditionnelle style, this wine is exclusively made from 100% estate-grown grapes, all meticulously hand-harvested.


$35.89 +tax/deposit


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