After all of the indulgence of the holiday season over one hundred and thirty thousand Canadians make the pledge to keep their Januay dry. Whether you're taking the month off, the day off, or the rest of your life off of the booze, we've got you covered with an awesome line up of non-alcoholic beer, wine, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails to keep the party going (but the hangovers at bay).

 Bellwoods Brewery Fruited Jelly King
473ml 0.5% ABV | $6.63 (+ tax/deposit)
Brewed with raspberry and blackberry, the classic Jelly King translates well to a non-alcoholic version. The base of both the beer and the 0.5% ABV version are soured in the same way. The best parts of the Jelly King come from the yeast and the bacteria used in the brewing process meaning the beer remains complex and interesting. Tart and fruity, this iconic Canadian beer remains so, with or without booze.  
Bibi Aperitvo Soda 
237ml 0% ABV $2.25 (+tax/deposit)

Fill a wine glass with ice, add an orange wheel, pour Bibi to the brim… it feels pretty dang close to having a classic aperitivo cocktail. High quality ingredients lead to high quality flavour. A hundred-year-old Italian flavour house provides the source for the complex, yet classic array of bittersweet herbs, spices, and selected roots that make up this non-alcoholic rosso-amaro bitter. It is perfect on its own or as a mixer.

HP Spiced Cane Rum
750ml 0% ABV $37.43 (+tax/deposit)

A fantastic blend of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla paired with the classic burnt sugar-sweetness expected of a good spiced rum, the HP Spiced Cane Rum is the perfect way to enjoy a Caribbean treat sans alcohol. Perfect with zesty ginger beer for a Dark & Stormy or with cola for an easy highball, this non-alcoholic spirit will spice up any beverage. Sweet, spicy, and all kinds of tasty, there is no limit to the non-alcoholic cocktails you can create with HP Spiced Cane Rum.

Loxton Sparkling Brut
750ml 0.5% ABV $9.60 (+tax/deposit)

Guilt-free cheers, non-alcoholic mimosas, and sober sipping are all made tastier by the Loxton Sparkling Brut. Zippy and fresh, the palate is light with flavours of crisp golden delicious apple and bartlett pear. The wine, reduced to 0.5% ABV, focuses on primary fruit characteristics, making it a versatile and refreshing option for fizz. It's a bright and frothy treat that can be enjoyed any day of the year…and at the price, you really can’t compare.

Ole Chili Mango
4 x 355ml 0% ABV $13.43 (+tax/deposit)

The taste of long summer days, without the hangover. Olé’s non-alcoholic spin on its classic ready-to-drink cocktail makes us think of warmer days — crack a can, pour over ice, and pretend you are on the beach! Lightly sweetened with organic agave nectar, a touch of spice is blended with mango peach juice to create the perfect sparkling beverage. Whether you’re craving refreshment or dreaming of a winter escape, the Olé Chili Mango mocktail tastes just right.



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