Saddle up, partner!

Yeehaw! Get ready to wrangle the finest Canadian whiskies this side of the Rockies. Canadian whisky is as smooth as a saloon dance floor and packed with flavours richer than a gold mine. We've pulled five fantastic whiskies, so grab your hat, and let's ride through some Canadian whiskies worth hollerin' about! Some are for mixin', some are for sippin', and they're all downright delicious. Stick around 'till the end for a rugged cocktail you can make with these whiskies!

Caribou Crossing Single Barrel $94.79 (+tax/deposit)

Caribou Crossing proudly leads the charge as the world's first single-barrel Canadian whisky. Handpicked from their 200,000-barrel master collection, each bottle features flavours of smooth vanilla, sweet honey, and a hint of spice that harmonizes like a campfire serenade under the stars.

Ninety 20 Year Old Canadian Whisky $75.41 (+tax/deposit)

One of the oldest whiskies in Canada. After over 20 years of maturation, this fine spirit is finally ready to ride into the sunset. Starting with corn grains and honed through multiple distillations, it's aged in charred bourbon barrels to develop creamy complexity. Drawn and blended from their reserves, this whisky is a testament to time and tradition that'll have whisky enthusiasts hootin' and hollerin' for more.

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Release 5 $83.99 (+tax/deposit) 

Alberta Premium decided to wrangle up some excitement by launching their Cask Strength, aiming to blaze a trail of innovation in the Canadian Whisky frontier. With a rich history steeped in heritage and quality, their award-winning Cask Strength is the jackpot. It's a true reflection of the distillery's grit and determination—they didn't just talk the talk; they roped in the best barrels and delivered a world-class whisky!

Eau Claire Rupert’s Canadian Whisky $38.41 (+tax/deposit)

Rupert’s Whisky tips its hat to the sprawling Canadian wilderness, where the finest barley is grown, meticulously distilled, and blended into a spirit as bold as a bucking bronco. Eau Claire proudly honours Alberta's rugged landscape with this exceptional Canadian whisky. It's a whisky that embodies the spirit of adventure and the untamed beauty of the frontier, inviting enthusiasts to saddle up and savour the flavours of the Wild West.

Forty Creek Barrel Select Whisky $28.97 (+tax/deposit)

Forty Creek's Barrel Select Whisky, a blend that debuted in 2000, redefined Canadian Whisky. A blend of rye, barley, and corn whiskies aged in seasoned ex-Bourbon barrels and new American White Oak, it boasts a full flavour profile where vanilla, spice, and oak. Forty Creek's bold flavours are perfect for mixing into your favourite whisky cocktail.

Feeling like getting funky with it? Try a Maple Old Fashioned!

The Maple Old Fashioned is a twist on the classic using maple syrup! It adds that perfect Canadian touch that makes it taste even smoother.

In a rocks glass with ice, combine:

  • 2 oz Canadian Whisky (we picked Eau Claire Rupert’s Canadian Whisky!)
  • 1/4 oz Maple Syrup
  • 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Stir and garnish with an orange twist or a strip of crispy bacon! Enjoy!

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