Get your dad what he really wants for the Fathers day BEER & DONUTS! - $27.75 +GST & Deposit This beer pack features 6 different styles of beer from some of Calgary’s best craft breweries Eighty- Eight, Ol’ beautiful, Fahr, Zero Issue, Cabin & Establishment. Plus there is a voucher for 2 free donuts from Native Tongues!
Eighty Eight Monster Truck Pilsner A little info on Pilsner Pilsner is a lager that is originally from the Czech Republic and was first brewed in 1842. It was created by combining Baravin bottom fermenting lager yeast, lighter malts and spicy Saaz hops. Giving the pilsner a balance of soft malts with the spicy sometime grass notes of the Saaz hops. The style was so popular that it was quickly copied by brewers throughout Europe. Breweries in northern and western Germany created their own version with the same bitterness, but much less malt flavour and a lighter thinner body. Here is what Eighty Eight has to say about themselves & their Monster Truck- Pilsner A group of friends wanted to pay homage to a time that they believe Calgary turned from a small “town” to a major city. Inspired by the spirit of the '88 Olympics, Eighty-Eight Brewing Company opened in August 2018, bringing you great beers and even radder times. Monster truck is labeled Pilsner but in reality it is actually considered an Italian Pilsner which, style-wise, stems from a German style of Pilsner with a healthy dry hop addition of German or European hops. One of the originators of this style in North America was actually the Pivo Pils by Firestone Walker and it was definitely a favourite of the ’88 founding team for quite some time!
Ol' beautiful - Brass Monkey A little info on Blonde Ale (aka Golden Ale) Bit of a catch all term, though usually refers to a beer in the same general family as cream ale and kölsch. Blonde ales are generally very smooth, and perfumy ester qualities are kept to a minimum. Blonde ales are supposed to be easy drinking and very approachable and though this sounds simple, it isn’t. Brewing them requires skill, because any flaws will be noticeable. The flavours you find are bread and light biscuit notes from pale malts. Variable level of hop flavor and gentle relatively full-bodied & hearty with a fairly robust bread and malt like flavour. It has medium to high hop flavours and aromas. Here is what Ol’ beautiful has to say about themselves and their - Brass Monkey Ol’ beautiful is a culmination of people, passion, and place. We are a collection of characters brewing a menagerie of beers in a place we love. We share a mutual appreciation for the old ways of doing things and are passionate about the revival of the craft spirit. We are inspired by our surroundings – Calgary is our home and we are excited to be a part of the social fabric of this vibrant city. Our beers are a reflection of who we are, where we’ve come from and the adventurous mission we have embarked upon. There’s a story in every brew. An easy going blonde ale coupled with organic blood orange puree. A beer that combines a crisp blonde base hopped with Mandarina and a healthy dose of orange juice tartness. Perfect for long patio sessions or morning brunch.
Fahr brewery- Hefe A little info on Hefeweizen The origins of wheat beer reach back 6,000 years ago and probably even earlier. Weissbier is a classic wheat beer from Bavaria and one of Germany’s greatest and most distinctive beer styles. Outside Bavaria most weissbier is better known as the hefeweizen, literally “yeast wheat” in German. According to the German law, a beer labeled hefeweizen (weissbier) must be made with at least 50% malted wheat. Most however are made with 60-70% malted wheat. The rest of the grist is malted barley. The flavours for this beer are flour-like maltiness of wheat balanced by clove and banana fermentation flavours and high levels of carbonation. A little info on Fahr and their Hefe Fahr Brewing has brought authentic German style beer to Turner Valley Alberta with great success. Recently winning best Hefeweizen in the 2020 World Beer Awards (yes that's right the best Hefeweizen in the world)! Jocen Fahr started his microbrewery in 2015 armed with a few award winning home brew recipes and a automated brewing system he himself created (he has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering so as they say on the website he is a “brainiac”) Jocen likes to follow the 1516 German Purity Law (The original law stated that beer could only contain three ingredients: barley, hops, and water. In 1993, Germany added yeast as an allowable ingredient.) when making his brews. Which gives these beers great authentic flavour for all the German beer lovers out there. The beer that started it all and their first beer to be produced commercially, and as mentioned the winner of best Hefeweizen in the world! This is a hazy beer with a medium body and it is extremely smooth. One the palate and nose you will find some wheat grass, banana, white pepper and clove.
Zero Issue Brewing- Multiverse Pale Ale A little info American Pale Ale One of the first Americanized styles brewed by start-up microbreweries in the 1980s, American pale ale came about when American ingredients were used to emulate British pale ale. The resulting beer showcased citrus and piney flavors from US hops, kindling their wide popularity with American beer drinkers and laying the groundwork for a “hops” race to India pale ale and beyond. Citrus and pine flavors of American hop varieties are evident—and usually dominant—in aroma and flavor. Low to medium malt base with some caramel and toast notes Here is what Zero Issue has to say about themselves and their Multiverse Pale Ale We are two brothers that grew up in Calgary, loving comic books, science fiction and video games. We have merged our childhood passions with our adult passion for making (and drinking) incredible beer - so we created a brewery that celebrates the nerdier side of life. Our art is comic book based, our beer names are sci-fi and when you come into our taproom we'll put down the PS4 and serve you a pint of delicious beer. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of subtle caramel malt, a dimension of bright citrus hops, a dimension of balance. You’re moving into a land of both aroma and flavor, of things and ideas. You’ve crossed into…. the MULTIVERSE.
Cabin Super Brewing Saturation New England Pale Ale A little info on New England Pale Ale New England PA (or IPA) exploded in popularity in the early 2010s as many New England-area breweries began emulating The Alchemist’s Heady Topper, an unfiltered, hazy double IPA with abundant hop aroma. Within a few years, the style had taken off on a global scale—this hazy Pale Ale variation is now produced by breweries around the world. This beer has an intense American hop aroma and ripe tropical fruit or fruit juice like flavours dominate this style. Bitterness is pronounced but subdued compared to other styles of pale ales Here is what Cabin has to say about themselves and their Super Saturation New England Pale Ale Since we were children, we’ve yearned for our own special place. A cardboard box fort; a cubby under the stairs; a flashlight under the covers. As we grew up, we slept in tents under trees. We bought campers and took road trips. We rented cabins in faraway places and gathered with friends. We made memories.The humble cabin represents the ultimate escape. A home away from home. A respite from the stresses of work and the regularity of everyday life. A place to be yourself. Cabin Brewing Company embodies that feeling. It is a place to make new memories. It is your new special place. Relax. Take a deep breath. Drink great beer . We have jammed all the flavors and aromas we possibly could - and then some - into our New England Pale Ale. Raw wheat and oats provide a soft, pillowy body and silky mouthfeel. With a maelstrom of tropical hop flavors and aromas from out-of-this-world dosing of new world hops - Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic - this hazy beer will fill your heart and saturate your senses.
The Establishment Brewing Company - Jam Rock A little info on Catharina Sour Originating in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina in 2015 as a collaboration between craft brewers and homebrewers to create a beer featuring local ingredients that was well-suited to the warm climate. A light and refreshing wheat ale with a clean lactic sourness that is balanced by a fresh fruit addition. The low bitterness, light body, moderate alcohol content, and moderately high carbonation allow the flavor and aroma of the fruit to be the primary focus of the beer. The fruit is often, but not always, tropical in nature A little info Establishment and their Jam Rock Black Berry Vanilla Sour Establishment are a group of friends that shared a love of homebrewing here in Calgary. After finding a sign that read Establishment they thought it suited their home basement brewery that they created after the basement was gutted due to the 2013 flood and the name stuck. The original Establishment has long since been demolished, but it’s memory lives on in their taproom where friends (old and new) are always welcome and great beer is always on tap. The Jam Rock beer is fruit-focused, very jammy, dessert-like, vanilla wafer/graham cracker, moderate clean acidity to balance. No noticeable bitterness.

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