"August slipped away like a bottle of wine..."

When learning about wine, the most important thing you can do is taste it! Whether you are a seasoned pro or somebody new to the world of wine, the best way to explore your personal taste is by putting your palate to work! 

While we may have taken the summer off from tastings, the spirit of 'Back-to-School' is in the air and our sommeliers are pumped to hit the ground running with a kickass line up of tastings! 


September 17: Juice Imports' 7th Birthday Party!

$45 @ Vine Arts 17th 2:00-3:30pm

Since their inception seven years ago, we've been stocking stellar wines from Juice Imports. With a focus on regenerative agriculture and minimal intervention winemaking, they import some of the most sustainable, transparent, and delicious wines in the province.

Tickets to this tasting are sold out


September 28: Battle of the Grapes: Sangiovese vs. Nebbiolo

$60 @ Vine Arts 17th 6:00-7:30pm

Introducing the top contenders for the Italian Wine Heavyweight Crown. In this corner, the Piedmontese Powerhouse, Nebbiolo! In this corner, the Titan of Tuscany, Sangiovese! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Tickets to this tasting can be purchased here.


September 30th: Funkadelics

$35 @ Vine Arts Victoria Park 6:00-7:30pm

Have you ever drank a funky and wild beer and wondered why some are named Brett? How is a Gose different from a Gueuse? Confused by Belgium? What am I looking for from a Saison that makes it so, well, saison-y? Let's sit down and taste weird and wonderful styles of beer and learn about how they started as well as where they seem to be heading.

Tickets to this tasting can be purchased here.


October 14th: Not All Riesling and Schnitzel: A Tasting of Eastern Europe

$60 @ Vine Arts 17th 6:00-7:30pm

Western Europe has long been famed for its wine making prowess and for good reason, but have you ever wondered what is going on behind the former iron curtain? Have you heard of grapes like Kekfrankos or Harslevelu and yearned to find out if they are as delicious as they are hard to pronounce? Have thoughts of under explored wine regions kept you up at night, longing for a taste of the former "Wine of Kings"?

Tickets to this tasting can be purchased here.


October 19th: It's All Greek to Me, Paul!

$50 @ Vine Arts Victoria Park 6:00-7:30pm

Who better to lead you down path of all things Greek wine than Paul Martzoukos from Tannin Fine Wines! Food and wine are in his blood. He started working in the family restaurant at 9 years old and has shared his passion as a sommelier educator to many of us in the hospitality industry.

Tickets to this tasting can be purchased here


October 28th: Wait, That Beer is Brewed Where?!

$35 @ Vine Arts Victoria Park 6:00-7:30pm

Brewing is an amazing world full of international talent and styles and the communication and collaboration between countries comes to a head in this tasting. You'll never guess what you're drinking and where it's brewed, and that's part of the game! Let's have some fun, try some wonderful beer, and learn about Old World styles made new again across the globe.

Tickets to this tasting can be purchased here


November 10: Junk n' Juice: Potato Chip Party

$60 @ Vine Arts 17th 6:00-7:30pm

Join us for an evening of laughs, sips, and snacks as we explore the best pairings for your favourite sips.

Tickets to this tasting are sold out.


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