"In the vineyard and the cellar, I believe in minimal handling and intervention only when necessary. "

- Anthony Buchanan


Winemaker Anthony Buchanan is based out of Kalden in the Central Okanagan where, alongside his wife Nicole, he farms a tiny organic vineyard. Originally a hairdresser, Anthony fell in love with wine, as the best of us do, as a consumer. Initially he aimed to become a sommelier, completing an array of education toward this goal when he realized winemaking held greater appeal for him. He completed enology courses through UC Davis and then Washington State University while working for various wineries in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island.

While his winemaking career has been anything but straightforward and easy, he learned how to make wine under varied circumstances. From having to come in to salvage flawed wine for a struggling company to working with perfect fruit and top of the line equipment, Anthony has done it all.

Finally in 2014, he bottled wine under his own label. Initially a virtual winery, Anthony Buchanan continued to work as winemaker on other projects while he built his brand. In 2020 he nailed down a lease and was able to start building a winemaking facility on the property. 2020 is also the year the vineyards started conversion to organics. In 2022 their winery opened, meaning you should definitely go visit should you have the chance.

We love Anthony and his wines. When visiting in spring of 2023 Anthony was just as welcoming and approachable as his wines. We stood at the back of his pickup truck tasting through the amazing 2022 wines he had recently bottled while throwing old barrel bungs for his dog. His wines are pure and pristine while still managing to retain a touch of rawness. We feel so lucky to bring in a small amount of Anthony’s wine as he makes so little. We recommend scooping some up while you can.

Anthony Buchanan stands at the end of his pick up truck, proudly showing off his 2022 wines


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