We’re on UberEats!

In this cold snap that we’ve found ourselves in, the last thing we dream of doing is suiting up to go outside. Between working from home and zoom centered happy hours, the culture is really focused on what we can achieve without getting all the way dressed and we are not mad about it! Gone are the days of spanx and collared shirts when heading out for a glass of wine with your friends; now we are able to find comfort in both our attire and the fact that you know the bartender will be likely to pour your glass with a heavy hand. We’d like to help you to keep yourself as close to home as possible, so we’ve teamed up with UberEats to allow some of your favourite wine, spirits, and beers to be delivered straight to your door on demand!

Fancy a glass of gruner veltliner? Well don’t put your pants on, just get it delivered! Forgot to get the beers for the big game? Don’t worry about missing the puck drop, just get those Okami Kasu delivered! It’s date night and you need one good bottle to go with the newest viral cooking craze? Don’t waste your time checking to see if that one weird bottle you got as a gift from your office that just sits at the back of the cupboard is any good, we’ve got plenty of impressive options on our UberEats menu! 

Check us out on the UberEats app today: UberEats Victoria Park | UberEats 17th Avenue 

**Remember that you have to be home with I.D. handy to receive alcohol deliveries**