Valentine’s Cocktail Kit: Miss Scarlet – $125 + tax 

Snow is in the air! Wait no, love! Love is in the air and though we can’t be with all of our loved ones safely right now, making this Valentine’s Day special for the ones we can be with fills us with such joy! On this special day of love save the overdone heart shaped box of Lindts for the singles to buy on Monday when they’re on sale and get your special somebody something the two of you can enjoy together because nothing says, “I love you,” quite like a pretty, pink drink!  

This refreshing gin-based cocktail has a hint of bitter from the Cynar and lovely colour from the Grenadine. It also features a new favourite gin – the Cantarelle Gin from Provence, France. The cocktail was created by Slippery Slope Bar in Chicago. We think you’ll love it! Kits are $125 + tax.

Each kit contains the following:

Stop by either location to snag yours. We only have a few left, but its a pretty darn great “Oops! I forget it was Valentine’s Day” gift if we do say so our selves. 

The kit is available for pick up at either location or for free delivery if you order before 9am on Saturday February 13th.

Purchase Miss Scarlet here now!