After a stretch of working in the business sector in London and having her first daughter, Gulia, Valentina Passalacqua returned to her childhood home, Arpicena, in Puglia. This decision came with the desire to have a deeper connection with nature and work the land on which she was raised. She returned to her family’s vineyards, located in the Gargano National Park, with an aim to grow healthy grapes and rediscover a connectedness with the land. This bit of land is special in that it is a calcareous outcropping that dates back to the Jurassic era. This type of limestone rich soil is not widely found in Puglia making her plot of vines special, showing unique terroir. Today she farms 80 hectares of vines, as of which are farmed biodynamically and are grapes traditional to Puglia.

The inherent nature of her vineyards combined with decisions to harvest the grapes rather earlier than is typical of the region leads to wines that are vigorously fresh. All the wines use only indigeous yeast to complete fermentation. They have a mere touch of sulphur added during bottling in order to stabilize the wines.

Valentina has two lines of wines – the first, her eponymous line and the second, her ultra sought after Calcarius line. Both lines of wine showcase a wide range of varieties and styles. Valentina describes her eponymous label as being “feminine, emotional, and perfumed” while the Calcarius wines are more “masculine, vertical, and mineral”. All the wines are the definition of vibrant. From the Valentina Passalacqua Primitivo to the Calcarius Frecciabomb Pet-Nat, the flavours match the sunshiny, vibrant colours of the wine. Acidity is prominent and lifts these robustly flavoured, characterful, yet thirst quenching wines.

These wines are both limited and sought after! We currently have the following available:

Pet Garg Orange | Pet Garg Rose | Sovracchiaro | Bombino | Terra Minuta | Sottoterra | Primitivo

Frecciabomb | Orange Puglia | Bombigiana | Rosa Puglia | Soul Glou | Rosso Puglia | Soul Mate | Hellen Bianco | Hellen Rosso

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