S.Y.C Brewing, whose acronym stands for “show your colours”, is located in Edmonton. Started by Banker, Richard Fyk, and Pilot, Parker Pysyk, S.Y.C is committed to making top notch beers, but do not want to limit themselves to being known for a single style; they believe there is a beer for every palate, which is why they are determined to focus on making awesome beers of a wide variety of styles.

Along with this philosophy, they like to rotate their offerings constantly in an effort to continuously peak the customer’s curiosity. This mindset, paired with S.Y.C’s cohesive branding which is designed by Pysyk’s wife Andrea, has brought this brewery to the forefront of the ever growing Alberta beer scene. The beers from S.Y.C are first and foremost Albertan; Alberta is home to some of the best beer making ingredients in the world and S.Y.C is determined to highlight the potential for world-class quality we have right here in our prairie backyard. We are so happy to have S.Y.C Brewing Co’s beers in our fridge and can;t wait for you to try them!


This golden ale is sure to be a classic. It has just the right amount of bitterness to balance the mild, crisp malts in this easy going beer.


This wheat ale is amped up by the use of a new variety of hops called Sabro. These hops add a summery flavour profile to this already fresh beer with notes of pina colada and juicy, ripe orange.

FJORD NEIPA $21.00 / 4PK

This delicious beer pairs the rustic farmhouse influence of Norway with a distinctly North American hop profile. There is a pile of hops in this beer, which are made complex and inviting by the hazy, textural body of this New England Style IPA.