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BK Cider

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Brendon and Kirstyn Keys established their Adelaide Hills winery in 2007 after learning from winemaking masters around the globe. With the idea of wine making as an artistic expression in mind, BK Wines focuses on making subtly nuanced wines from the best quality fruit, with a minimalistic approach in the cellar. Fruit is sourced from tiny vineyards that express the unique characteristic inherent to those particular plots of vines and where Brendon can have great control over how the grapes are grown. BK’s wines are the perfect alignment of minimal intervention & maximum quality; they are natural & balanced! 

"In a stroke of oddly fortuitous fabulous timing, a year ago BK and winery right-hand  Lauren took over farming 300 organically-reared cidre-apple trees in Basket Range.  Planted by a local farmer a decade ago, the seven varieties were lovingly chosen from  heritage stock in Tasmania. A phenomenal bead and bready, yeasty aromatic profile  surprisingly reminiscent of proper Champagne champagne. The darker colour – almost  caramel – is the result of using traditional cidre apples. Balanced and weighty, you can  certainly tell that a winemaker made this. Two years of low-yielding grape harvests  allowed us both the time and the motivation to find a solution, proving the old adage:  when life hands you scant quantities of grapes, make cidre. Don’t moan, prepare and evolve. "

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Adelaide Hills
[VOLUME]750 ml
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