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Tissot Rose Massale Chardonnay


“Despite its name, this Chardonnay Rose is in fact a white wine. Its name refers to the unique mutation of Chardonnay that comprises this wine. These berries are entirely pink, born from a mutation of Tissot’s own Chardonnay vines. Using selection massale encourages genetic diversity and once this mutation appeared, Stéphane began planting its shoots year after year. This wine is derived from a blend of Chardonnay Rose now growing in five of Tissot’s most famous parcels and representing the three main soils of Jura:• La Mailloche, the soil of which consists of a thick layer of silts and decalcifying clays (clay resulting from the limestone rock dissolution by water) which covers a base of gryphite limestones dating from 201-174 million years ago, rich in fossil oyster shells (the gryphites) gathered during the period when shallow seas greater agitation with a better environment oxygenation leading to carbonates precipitation• Curon & Valière, with soil consisting of a rocky scree thick layer coming from the limestone cornices dating from the Bajocian, Middle Jurassic period (174-145 million years old) characterized by the presence of a shallow warm sea dotted with islands. This layer sits above the Lias marls, widespread in Arbois vineyards, dating to the Lower Jurassic (201-174 million years) when the region was covered with a shallow, oxygen-poor sea.• Les Bruyères & Sauvagny, where a thick layer of wash silt (between 10 and 30cm) covers the Rhetian schist marls formed in the shallow lagoons that occupied the Jura between 252-201 million years ago (Triassic geological period).The 2020 vintage offers a very fresh and intensely fragrant nose with creamy and slightly toasted notes flirting with aromas of white flowers, toasted hazelnuts, ear of wheat, and a hint of ripe pear and coriander. The palate is lively and fresh with a lemony and slightly saline finish. This wine is profoundly complex and best enjoyed at 10-12ºC. As with all of Tissot’s whites, we recommend decanting this wine 15-60 minutes before service.” – Vino al Vino

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