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Enrico Rivetto is considered by his neighbours to be … eccentric. It is not simply that he sought to become the first Demeter certified grower in Barolo. The passion and conviction goes much further: Enrico believes strongly in natural holistic poly-farming.

And he puts his money where his mouth is: In a time when vines in Barolo are selling for an average of €1.2m per hectare, he’s actively tearing up several hectares of his inheritance by the roots just to plant nut trees, orchards, herbs, and wild flowers, tearing up more to create pasture for grazing animals, and tearing up more to let a portion of the land return to wilds.

From this harmony of interacting plant life, Enrico is out to prove that Barolo’s proudest expression will emerge in its ultimate complexity.

His viticultural interpretation of Masanobu Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and Rudolf Steiners Biodynamics have shown with each year an increasing beauty and singularity in the final product.

Nascetta is a historical semi-aromatic white grape, and the only white grape native to the Langhe. When Enrico started working with this near-extinct grape in 2007, only 7 other producers were using it. The ranks have now grown past 50. From his north facing Borea plot, Enrico ferments most of the fruit in concrete (without MLF), giving it a 72 hour soak on its skins. Meanwhile, a portion of the fruit was sealed in his Italian made terracotta amphora to ferment and age a few months, in contact with its skins the entire time. The result is an unctuously textural experience of pineapple, grapefruit, melon, and herbs. Minerality with a lean waxy structure make it medium bodied without over complicating the palate. A reward for explorers!

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