Fandango Mezcal


As described by the distillery – “Fandango is a premium Mezcal crafted in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The objective behind the creation of this spirit was to clearly accentuate the taste and scent of the roasted agave pinas… You will enjoy this Mezcal cold and neat as much as in cocktails. The balance between the rich taste of agave and the smokiness resulting from roasting the fruit will allow you to experience the spirit in one of the most traditional ways like the indigenous people of Oaxaca did when they were taught the distillation process by the Spanish 400 years ago… Mezcal District was launched by Cartagena Inc. a licensed producer of premium agave spirits and a subsidiary of the parent company Licorera Del Sur, a Mexico based group, giving us access to 3 state of the art distilleries and 13 bottling plants across Mexico and Canada… Our endless fields of agave, and three generations of farmers and distillers passing on their expertise and craftsmanship, allow us to guarantee the highest standards and quality of the traditional Mexican spirit, Mezcal… Mezcal District offers a superior line of Mezcal that stands out for its premium quality, unique designs, and most importantly, distinct taste profiles. We crafted each Mezcal with its own particularities of aromas, which will satisfy the taste buds of the biggest enthusiast or someone simply looking for a good drink to sip on… In order to achieve the desired consistency and authenticity of our Mezcals, we align our process as well as our corporate values with our Oaxacan community and Mexican traditions. All our team members work together as a family and take great pride in contributing to crafting the best Mezcals.”

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