Cazottes Eau de Vie Plum


Distillerie Cazottes is an organically farmed artisanal distillery located in Tarn in Occitanie. Laurent makes exceptional eau de vies for which he is well known. He also makes gorgeous wines from local grapes Mauzac, Braucol, Prunelart, and Duras. His wines, like the eau de vies, are farmed biodynamically and treated with great care. Just honest, well-made, and well-priced wines for everyday drinking.

“Reine Claude Dorée (Golden Greengage) is an old plum species that develops considerable sugar. Laurent takes it a step further, allowing them to ripen in boxes for additional concentration. He manually destems and deseeds all the plums before they undergo crushing and indigenous fermentation. The wine is then distilled to 66% ABV before ageing in glass and, eventually, dilution to the desired strength. 45% ABV”

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