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Broc Cellars, started by Chris Brockway, proves that you don’t need to rely on the crutches of modern technology to  make beautiful wines. Don’t get me wrong, he’s happy to use science along the way, but instead of manipulating he uses  his knowledge to guide the wine along. This means organic grapes harvested at the exact right time; indigenous yeast  populations for fermentation; no sugar nor acid nor colour nor artificial flavor nor enzymes nor diammonium phosphate  added; no new oak is used; the wine is not fined nor filtered; less than half the sulphur of a normal wine is used. The  results speak for themselves.

In the words of Chris Brockway – “Got Grapes is a series we started in 2017 for wines we made accidentally from a busy harvest year that (unintentionally) turned out to be something very special. Since the release of Got Grapes Valdiguié for the 2017 vintage, we loved how different it was compared to our Broc Valdiguie coming from Wirth Vineyard. Got Grapes is fresher, lighter – something you can chill and enjoy year round whether it is by a pool during summer or on the Thanksgiving table. This year’s Got Grapes comes from a small portion of Rosewood Vineyard’s pick and only saw concrete. The fruit was left whole cluster in our small concrete cylinder to ferment for 10 days, then pressed back into concrete to age for 10 months. The plan for this wine was to go into our Love Red blend – but it was too good on its own. Chill it down, pop it open and drink up.”

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