Benedictine Liqueur


Benedictine is an herbal liqueur that was developed by Alexandre Le Grand, a wine merchant in 19th century France. After consulting local chemists and vintage medicinal recipes, Le Grand was able to create the herbaceous elixir, though the story of hard work and creativity was not entirely marketable. He soon concocted a new story of how Benedictine came to be, a tale of monks, secrecy and being left in the wake of the French Revolution. As rich as Benedictine is in history, it is doubly rich in flavours, with a myriad of flavours. The exact botanicals used in the recipe is a tightly guarded secret, with only three people at a time let in on the secret, but there is no denying the presence of: myrrh, saffron, juniper, vanilla, lemon clove and aloe. Do you think you can guess the rest?

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