Thanks to local natural wine importer, Juice Imports, we are celebrating the inaugural Orange Wine Week from October 26th to October 31st. 

So what is orange wine, anyway? Usually when working with white grapes, producers press the grapes right away to get pure, fruity juice. Orange wine is made by allowing white grapes to sit on their skins for an extended period of time that can range from hours to weeks, rather than pressing the grapes right away. By letting the grapes spend time macerating on their skins, the wine takes on colour (hence the name of the style), tannic structure, and heightened aromatic intensity. Much like we wouldn’t assume all white wines taste alike, there are many iterations of skin contact wine, and this coming week we will celebrate the diversity and complexity of these peach and tangerine-hued wines in all their glory. 

This week-long event will celebrate orange wine from all around the world. How are we celebrating? Glad you asked! 

  • Vine Arts will be offering an Orange Wine Tasting Kit
  • All orange wines are 15% off from Monday October 26 to Saturday October 31st
  • You can join @juiceimports for a instagram live tasting on Friday October 30th at 6:30pm

Come and check out some of our favourite orange wines next week or check out the style here!