Borgogno Barbera D’Alba Superiore 2015 – $38.95

Mollie Chapin

Oftentimes in a year we get wines that just feel special. Ones that serve as reminders of the big moments in life: reunions, anniversaries, that time you and your university friends roasted a chicken for the first time. These events and what we choose to pair with them inform and influence our memories. Wine fits in seamlessly with a world based around sharing experiences. 

Borgogno wines are tried and true, not in the way that your favourite pair of jeans with the worn marks on the pocket where your phone rests against the fabric are, but rather in the sense that everytime you drink them it feels like the right time. These Piedmontese wines come rich both in flavour and in history. The winery dates back to 1761, well over a decade before phylloxera rocked the European wine industry in a way that has not been seen before or since. While the original vines may be gone, production and dedication to well crafted and distinctive wines has persevered. Their wines have been renowned for their ability to age. After the winery changed hands in 1920, several bottles of that vintage’s Barolo Riserva were forgotten about and sold twenty years later to remarkable acclaim. A family business brought into the new millennium, they have focused their energies on sustainable and organic farming practices. Borgogno’s Barbera D’Alba Superiore is just another testament to why we love their wines so much. 

As the second most planted grape in Italy, Barbera has been tasted and loved the world over. Though the grape itself is frequently seen as the ideal companion to a simple dinner, Borgogno’s Barbera D’Alba Superiore is not your average table wine. Grown in mineral rich soil, the quality of this wine starts off with the farming itself. The grapes get the benefit of the hot summer’s sun, leaving us with a wine that is packed with lush fruit notes, while the early autumn harvest ensures the wine has fresh acidity. After spending eight months in Slavonian oak, the wine gains the wisdom and spice that comes with age and it is ready to mature for another six months in the bottle before it is ready for the world. The extra aging allows the wine to find its perfect balance of that fruit and spice with the acidity that Barbera is known for.

The Borgogno Barbera D’Alba Superiore is more than just a wine to share over dinner. It’s the special kind of wine that you’ll want to remember.

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