We have an online shop!

Change is good, we promise! You may have noticed that our website is looking a little different these days, but don’t worry this isn’t like when you got bangs to get over your ex-boyfriend Kyle. For a long time we’ve wanted to offer delicious wines, spirits, and beers in an accessible, wide reaching fashion and now we are able to offer a more comprehensive shopping experience online. 

We have worked around the clock, making updates and improvements to our website to allow you an easier online shopping experience. Using our wine guide you are able to search for your favourite wines along with suggestions of wines that are a similar style. You can easily track down brand new beers and sought after spirits. 

Be it a Bold & Structured red, a crisp ale, or something Weird & Wacky the new Vine Arts website ensures you can find something for date night dinner or even just a Sunday in the park. As an online shopper you are given the best of both stores without even having to leave the house as both of our stores’ inventories are available online for pick-up or delivery! We are constantly updating different sections of our website, so be sure to look out for photos, tasting notes and more detailed information as time progresses. 

Check out our new shop and wine guide now!