33 Acres Brewing – Vancouver, B.C.

33 Acres Brewing are no strangers to hard work. The claim, (of dubious veracity), is that their name refers to the amount of land an ox could plow in a day. Thanks to their own tireless efforts, 33 Acres Brewing have been generating buzz in BC for years. We’ve been waiting with bated breath to get our hands on their lineup. Founded in 2013, they only very recently started exporting to Alberta, and we should consider ourselves lucky for our proximity. Founder and owner Josh Michnik’s obsessive attention to detail is present in all facets of the company – from the branding, design, and taproom to the most important part – the beer. 33 Acres’ core lineup contains some beer styles that you won’t find at most other craft breweries along with tried and true staples. We currently have their California Common and Classic IPA on our shelves, both of which 33 Acres puts their own touch on. These beers are excellent examples of their respective styles. 

33 Acres of Life California Common – $16.87/6pk

As the legend goes, the California Common style was born out of necessity – the mother of invention, and so many other good things. Likely first brewed during the California gold rush, brewers that only had Lager yeast and no good source of cooling turned to the only thing they had on hand – the sea. The California common was known as a ‘steam beer’ because of the steam that would come off the wort when the wind blew off the ocean. The style was forgotten for many years, and has been recently resurrected, first in San Francisco, and now in Vancouver as well. A distinctly west coast style, 33 Acres of Life drinks somewhere in between an ale and a lager. It’s a little lighter on alcohol than their other offerings, but higher in carbonation. It has the maltiness and full body one expects from an ale, while still retaining a crisp finish. Northern Brewer hops provide a slight mintiness that is emblematic of the style. 33 Acres of Life is perfect for your next park or home patio session – light, but expertly crafted.

33 Acres of Nirvana IPA – $17.59/6pk

The iconic band may have started some 200 kilometers south of Vancouver, but they clearly remain influential up and down the West Coast. 33 Acres’ own description of this beer claims that it “smells like dream spirit,” and we think that’s an apt description; the hop-forward aromatics jump from the bottle as soon as you pop the crown cap off. The hop combination offers standard IPA piney bitterness that locates this beer as classically West Coast. It is amped up and balanced out by hints of grapefruit and cirtusy orange. When poured it is a subtly hazy, golden orange. 33 Acres of Nirvana features more alcohol than is typical for the style, clocking in at 7%, which leads to a dense voluptuous mouthfeel. The carbonation is restrained and there is a notable creaminess. 33 Acres of Nirvana is a full-blooded IPA that you might just keep in a Heart-Shaped Box.

Keep your eyes peeled for more of their delicious beers hitting our shop!