While we love a boozy drink, sometimes you want all the satisfaction of a nightcap without the coinciding buzz. The Casamara Club is our newest obsession. Located in Detroit, Casamara Club’s self described “leisure sodas” are dry, bubbly, and full of botanicals. The bouquet of flavours in each of these distinctive sodas is inspired by the multitude of botanicals used in Italian amaro. With only 4 grams of sugar and 15 calories per bottle, these non-alcoholic craft sodas are the perfect way to nail your New Year’s resolutions without sacrificing a delicious sip now and then. We’ve enjoyed them straight from the bottle, but we’ve also gussied them up with a splash of something a little more spirited. Try ‘em both ways – you can’t go wrong! All the sodas are $3.95 a pop.

With lemon, sage, and notable salinity, the Onda is an earthy sip that is both incredibly complex and refreshing. Its wide range of botanical flavours reminds us of sipping a savoury amaro.

Boozy Pairing: we think like with like is the way to go in this case – add a ounce of Nonino Amaro and you have yourself a bubbly and dynamic digestif

The Capo is soft, with notes of wild chamomile and orange blossom. It feels downright wholesome with its soothing flavours of fresh mint and tart mandarin. Spritzy and vibrant, this soda is all kinds of easy going. 

Boozy Pairing: A little Lillet Blanc will go a long way in amplifying the flavours of the Capo club soda. Add a twist of orange zest and sip over ice. Yum!

This delectable soda is bright and playful while having a comforting roundness that makes it the perfect way to end your night. It has notes of juicy grapefruit, indulgent cinnamon, and fresh lavender. 

Boozy Pairing: amp up the refreshing quotient with a dose of Giffard Pamplemousse Rose. You’ll be dreaming of warm summer nights on the patio.

A play on the Italian aperitivo, the Alta has a refreshing balance of bitter pith and fruity piquant notes. It is the perfect happy hour sipper and reminds us a little of a Negroni or Americano.

Boozy Pairing: add a splash of Confluence Manchester Dry Gin and a little squeeze of citrus for a unique and invigorating highball.