It’s Sipping Season: Spring Virtual Tastings

Spring is here and the spirit of refreshment and renewal are lingering in the air! It’s the perfect time to pop the cork on some fun bottles and learn a thing or two. Our team is pumped to bring a host of fresh and exciting virtual tastings. Leave town without leaving your house! We’re ready to take you through European vineyards, American whiskey distilleries and even local Calgarian breweries. We know this year has been hard, treat yourself to a night away without having to figure out which drawer your passport is in! 

April 23rd: Party in Piemonte: Beyond Barolo $90-$100

Piemonte: it’s not just about Barolo (though we sure do love the stuff). As one of the top regions in Italy, Piemonte has a reputation for making some of the world’s most wonderful wines. With grape varieties ranging from fruity Barbera, high-elevation Nebbiolo, spritzy Moscato, and voluptuous Arneis (to name a few possible options), the grapes grown in this region are seriously stunning. From fresh fragrant whites to seriously ageable reds, the wines are diverse and distinct. In this tasting we will be discovering 3 wines from Piemonte’s vast array of wine styles.

April 24th: Orange Wine “Orange is the New Pink” $95

Trends in wine are ever changing, one day Merlot is in and the next it’s all about Txakoli. The funny thing about trends is that they do have a way of recycling themselves. An ancient way of winemaking has found its way to the twenty-first century and with it a whole new host of orange wine fanatics. Join us in tasting some of the most intriguing skin contact wines from both traditional regions and the most modern of producers.

May 8th: Pop into Spring: The Best of Bubbles From France $105

We all deserve a little break and the best way to take a break is always with bubbles. Treat yourself with some frothy, fun fizz from around France. Though Champagne reigns supreme, you may be shocked how wonderful the sparkling wines from Frances varied wine regions are. Please join us to drink away your troubles with some bubbles…just in time for Mother’s Day. 

May 14th: The New Spain $90-$100

Spain has long grown grapes, but in the past few decades Spain has experienced a real renaissance in terms of quality, with a young generation of winemakers dedicated to modernizing winemaking practices while making wines that are true to the individual regions. Some of our favourite wines this year have been made by Spanish producers who are carving out their place in the top echelon of winemakers by making pure, terroir driven wines in regions that you may not have heard about. We love what Spain has to offer and can’t wait to share these amazing wines.

May 29th: YYC Brewery Tour $40-$50

Trying to get to all of Calgary’s superb breweries in one night is a feat that few have laid claim to, but thanks to COVID-19 we can safely take you all around the city from the safety of your own living room (or patio, weather permitting). In this tasting you’ll get an awesome sampling of beers from all around the city and a little bit of insight into how they’re made. Join us for a fun Saturday night of sips and giggles! 

June 19th: Bring on the Bourbon! $40-50

Have you ever wondered what makes bourbon bourbon? Have you spent a night out with friends more focused on the tasting notes in your drink than you were on the conversation happening around you? Have you ever stood in front of our whisk(e)y shelves unable to make the  choice of which bottle to bring home with you? Well don’t despair, because in this tasting you’ll get to have the splendor of choice as you learn about bourbons from all over the United States of America— Just in time for Father’s Day!

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