Established in 1987 by 5 friends, Great Lakes Brewery is one of Canada’s oldest craft breweries. Originally located in Brampton, Ontario, Great Lakes Brewery initially made two beers: Unicorn Ale and Great Lakes Lager. Originally packaged in green plastic PET 1L bottles and brewed using malt extract, these are a far cry from the top quality beers the brewery makes today. Nevertheless, both beers were popular and were the foundation from which Great Lakes Brewing evolved. By 1992 the brewery needed to expand, so was moved by the new owners, the Bulut family, to Etobicoke. By this point, malt extracts were a thing of the past and 100% grain was used in brewing. Since that time, Great Lakes Brewery’s reputation has slowly and steadily grown. It has introduced a wide range of new beers in many styles, two of which we have on our shelves for the first time ever.

Nice n’ bitter, this IPA is full of herbaceous, pine-y, green flavours and aromas. While it is on the dank, properly bitter side of IPAs, it is backed up by a healthy dose of tropical fruitiness with flavours of mango and pineapple. At 88 IBU this is way more than a one-two punch.

This classic pale ale has a medium body and is toasty orange in colour. With soft mouthfeel and a dry finish this beer is inviting and refreshing. Its hop profile is intensely aromatic, while having a mellow, balanced bitterness on the finish. It has flavours of grapefruit, subtle pine, and a touch of tropical fruit. The beer is as Canadian as Gordie Levesque, the jaunty lumberjack that graces the front of the can. Drink this beer at the lake, in the woods, or with something off the grill.