Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s new to our shelves, it’s cool, and it’s seriously, seriously tasty. 

An idyllic collaboration between legendary Napa winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown, and 6th generation Napa Valley farmer, Matt Hardin, Caterwaul Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will leave you or the Napa Cab-ophile in your life purring in contentment.

Caterwaul takes the insanely important, yet often overlooked, relationship between vine grower and winemaker to make exceptional wine; a grower can have perfect fruit, but has no control over the final product once the grapes leave their hands. Likewise, even the greatest winemaker can only make wine that is as good as the fruit they are working with. This dream team is built on the perfect balance of an award winning winemaker and an expert vineyard manager and the friendship that was built over years of them working together. 

Thomas Rivers Brown, who has more than twenty 100 point wines to his name, has helmed winemaking at a longer list of iconic California wineries than most people have had the chance to try and is known for making the unique identity of specific plots of vines truly shine. 

Matt Hardin is a partner at Barbour Vineyard Management where they perform project management to transform land into vineyard space and grow vines exclusively for premium wine production. 

The 2018 Caterwaul Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is made from grapes primarily from vineyards in St. Helena. 2018 was an excellent growing season, allowing for a perfect balance between decadence and freshness. It was aged in 60% new French oak for 20 months. It has a lush, full body, structured with fine grained tannins. It is a rich hue of purple in the glass and has notes of ripe cassis, toasty cedar, tobacco, and dark chocolate. This baby can age and is the perfect addition to your cellar.

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