Cascade Brewing, a beer-geek darling, has released two new beers that we’re extremely excited about. If you’re not familiar with Cascade Brewing and you’re a fan of sour beers, it would be ill-advised not to try their beers out. Cascade Brewing is essentially the granddaddy of new world sour beers. Founded in 1998, Cascade eschewed the hops-race that was dominating the Pacific West at the time, and decided to take advantage of the plentiful fruit and wine barrels in California to make distinctive and electric beers. While they make exclusively sour beers, they intentionally avoid mimicking traditional Belgian sours, instead deciding to make something unique to them. Often imitated, there is very little that compares to the quality, ageability, and graceful vibrance of Cascade’s sours. Check out the two new beers below.

KAGUA SOUR 2018 – $24.50
The Kagua Sour is a collaboration with Far Yeast Brewing Co. located in Yamanashi, Japan. This is a reinterpretation of Far Yeast’s Kagua Rouge. This red ale is aged in red wine barrels with yuzu and sansho peppers. It has flavours of citrus peel, spicy pepper, toast red malt, and a creamy finish. A curiosity, no doubt, this collaboration from two exceptional producers is off the charts.

CITRUS NOYAUX 2018 – $24.50
This blonde ale is aged in oak wine barrels with a combination of grapefruit, orange, and lemon peels which are combined with apricot noyaux. Noyaux is a liqueur made from the gentle extraction of apricot kernels. This special nectar is chock full of perfumed flavours like vanilla, almond, and delicate cherry. The combination of the tart citrus zest and the decadent noyaux creates an elegance balance is this delicious beer.