For the first time, we got our hands on 3 amazing amazing books that are excellent resources to help hone your home-bartending skills or learn about some of the most intriguing aspects in the world of wine. These great tomes are in short supply; we only have a few to sell, but we’re so excited to offer these books to you. 

Dead Rabbit Mixology & Mayhem $39.95

One of the best bars in the world, New York City’s Dead Rabbit has a legendary reputation for the greatest cocktails in the world. Dive into this amazing graphic-novel style cocktail book includes 90 new recipes in a wildly creative format.

Noble Rot Wine from Another Galaxy $59.95

First there was the restaurant. Then we fell in love with the magazine. Now we have a hardcover book that compiles the best articles and information about wine, from how it is made to the faces behind the bottles, Noble Rot’s Wine fromAnother Galaxy is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to deep dive into the world of wine. 

The Canon Cocktail Book $39.95

Jamie Boudreau, of the Seattle bar, Canon, shares his wealth of bartending knowledge from classics to playfully creative riffs. This cocktail book includes over 100 recipes, making it the perfect go-to manual for all things cocktail related.