BK Wines are back in stock!

BK wines was founded by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys in 2007.  After learning from masters of wines in such places as New Zealand, Argentina and California they set their sights on Adelaide Hills in Australia. The goals they have for their winery is to create fabulous art through wine.  This happens through sourcing fruit from exceptional small vineyards that they believe best reflect the individuality of that particular vineyard.  When it comes to winemaking Brendon uses a minimal approach gently guiding the well chosen fruit to a beautiful final result in the bottle.

Here is the lineup of BK products we have at the stores:

2020 BK Cidre

A year ago BK wines took over farming 300 organically – reared cider apple trees. After two years of low-yielding grape harvest BK had the time and motivation to find a solution as they say “when life hands you scant quantities of grapes, make cidre.” This cidre is amber in colour, balanced and weighty; you tell that a winemaker made this! It reminds us of rustic cidres you find coming from Normandy.

Before we describe the next wines, what exactly is piquette? Here is how BK explains it: “Piquette is the quintessential ‘something from nothing’ creation. Made by adding water to the grape marc left over after pressing to permit a second fermentation, the result is a naturally simple, lower-alcohol (~5%) wine that competes admirably in the sour beer category. Light-hearted, unfussy, refreshing and frugal… all attributes one is wise to embrace in lean, complicated times.”

2020 Piquette Naturel Atomic Bomb #2

Made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay this is crisp, puckering and very aromatic.  Be warned it is as explosive as its name. We suggest opening it over the sink or outside and very, very cold!

2020 Piquette Naturel Fantastic Man #9 

Made from Grüner Veltliner and Pinot Gris, this piquette is fruitier and lighter. It it fun, fresh, and vibrant!  (It is still pretty explosive so take the same precautions when opening)

2020 Petillant Natural Chardonnay 

The chardonnay in 2020 wasn’t plentiful, but what was there made a wine that is delicate, pretty, and well-balanced. This pet-nat (or rustic, farmhouse sparkling) is light with flavours of white pear and enticing frizz. You’ll find yourself praying for summer sunshine or just sitting under a warm, bright light with your glass and pretending it’s here.

2020 Petillant Natural Pinot Noir

This pet-nat is so delicious, it’s a bit dangerous. Another delicate sparkling wine with hints of strawberry and other red berry fruit. Just like the chardonnay this wine will remind you of summer time on the cold winter days.

2020 Carbonic Pinot Noir

The process of carbonic maceration permits the majority of fermentation to occur inside the grape, maintaining freshness and creating a soft tannic profile (a method used most notably in Beaujolais). This process gives the Pinot Noir flavours such as a bright- red cherry, refreshing orange peel, a negroni cocktail and finishes with silky tannins. This wine can be served slightly chilled or not whatever suits the mood.

2019 Swaby Chardonnay

This was an amazing vintage for the Swaby Chardonnay.  The warmer year gives this wine the flavour of fresh juicy pears and you will also find a hint of light smoke from integrated oak. The texture is positively velvety with an enticingly crisp inflection at the finish.  

2019 Gower Pinot Noir

2019 was a warm vintage for the Gower Pinot Noir and gave it beautiful flavours of black tea, freshly peeled cumin, with bold vibrant fruit on the finish. This wine has strong silky tannins that are cut by refreshing acid.