Wine can be a daunting subject. There are thousands of different regions, hundreds of different grape varieties and even once you’ve mastered those, the wines change from year to year based on things like weather. We’re here to help you. We have two different wine clubs to choose from.

Classic Wine Club

Our Classic Wine Club is designed to get six amazing bottles directly to you every month. For $150.00 we’ll bring our selections to your house or office during the first week of every month (delivery area includes downtown and the beltline…give us a call if you’re outside this area to see if we can help). If you’d prefer to pick yours up here at the store, you’ll save $10. Each month you’ll receive a detailed write up with info on each wine, tasting notes and pairings.

Natural Wine Club

Our Natural Wine Club builds on the strong demand we have seen for natural wines in recent years, and is curated with the help of our former team member Erik Mercier, now of Juice Imports. The Natural Wine Club is available for $100 per month and includes 3 bottles of unique and interesting natural wines from around the world! A great way to explore this growing category of wine that is taking the world by storm!